The following terms and conditions are applicable to any works completed by Legendary Landscapes Ltd. This includes any quoted work, amendments and
modifications. Legendary Landscapes Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Estimate Value
Price includes all labour and materials (unless specifically excluded) and VAT as documented to complete the works as listed in the estimate, together with rubbish
removal but only if stated. All reasonable groundworks are included, but any unforeseen events will be charged at the standard hourly labour rate together with
any additional equipment hire (pneumatic drill etc) and waste away charges incurred by Legendary Landscapes Limited. ‘Unforeseen’ includes, but is not limited
to, hidden roads, hidden structures, wells, hidden drains, buried waste requiring specialist removal (e.g. asbestos), excessive buried hardcore (unless specifically
agreed in writing), significantly excessively rocky subsoil, substantial tree roots or buried tree stumps. If any unforeseen is discovered, then the client will be
notified as soon as possible of the potential cost implications and potential alternative courses of action.
The original estimate price can be only honoured if the original specification for the works is retained. Any works arising from changes to the agreed specification
will be charged at the Standard Hourly Rate plus materials/waste/hire costs unless otherwise agreed in writing by Legendary Landscapes Limited and the client.
Legendary Landscapes Limited’s Standard Hourly Rate is £28 per man hour + VAT.

Boundary lines, cables and pipes

The customer is to indicate the boundary lines, underground cables and pipes before work commences and the quote is drawn up on this assumption.
Legendary Landscapes Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or future disputes, which the customer may have with the owner(s) of neighbouring
properties or other parties as a result of works which it carries out on or within the boundaries, cables or pipes that the client has indicated to us.

Planning Permission/ Regulation
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that planning rules are followed, and any required planning permissions are obtained. Legendary Landscapes Limited
will do their best to advise and highlight any potential planning issues, but proper advice and approval should always be sought by the client from the local
planning department.

Supply of Materials
We work closely with local & national suppliers to ensure the best quality materials are used in the construction works.
We ensure the materials selected are suitable for purpose and meet industry standards.
Should you wish to supply your own materials then Legendary Landscapes Limited will not provide any guarantee in respect of the quality and longevity of those
items and any affected works.

Natural Stone
When choosing natural paving for your garden the client is hereby made aware that unlike a manufactured stone it will not have the same uniformity in its
appearance. Each batch may have slight colour variations, it may have minor blemishes and stains and depending on if a smooth or riven finish is selected it may
be uneven in its height. The colour, features and patterns of a natural stone may also be accentuated when wet. These are all features of natural paving and can
only be avoided if a manufactured paving is chosen.

Project Start Dates & Timings
Whilst Legendary Landscapes Ltd does its utmost to provide accurate start dates and works schedule, due to the nature of the industry operated in these are
subject to change. External factors beyond our control may mean we need to delay or lengthen works (e.g. adverse weather conditions, supply chain issues,
material shortages etc). As soon as Legendary Landscapes Limited becomes aware of any significant delays or issues these will be communicated with the client as
soon as reasonably possible. Legendary Landscapes Limited also recommend that important garden events/parties are not booked too close to the scheduled
finish date to avoid any potential disappointment.

During the contract
The customer must provide reasonable access to site for the duration of the contract. The customer is responsible for providing access to water and electricity at
no additional cost to Legendary Landscapes Ltd.

Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the customers. Legendary Landscapes Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or expense after
delivery of materials to site.
All materials on site remain the property of Legendary Landscapes Ltd until completion of the project and final payments have been made.

Any accidental or malicious damage caused by the customer, their children, pets or any third party during the course of the construction may incur an additional
repair charge.

All materials and machinery left on site during works become the customer’s responsibility once employees have left the site at the end of the working day.

Acceptance of Terms
Payment of a 10% ‘booking in deposit’, or a signed written confirmation (sent preferably by email) will be evidence of the acceptance to these terms of business by
the client.

Payment Terms
The customer accepts that he/she will pay Legendary Landscapes Ltd the full sum of the quotation. Unless prior arrangement is made, payment is due immediately
on receipt of invoice. As a family business Legendary Landscapes Limited is unable to offer credit. Any invoices that remain unpaid after 30 days may be subject to
a 5% surcharge.
Providing works are progressing to the agreed schedule, any delays by the client to the agreed payment plan schedule may result in Legendary Landscapes Limited
being unable to avoid delays in works and ordering materials.

Covid-19 & Brexit
Please be aware that due to issues raised from the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and the current tensions in Eastern Europe, the supply chain on materials are being
adversely effected and we are likely to see further pricing increases throughout the year. Although we are updating our pricing frequently, we may have to
requote and make alterations to pricing at the point of works from the original quotation date. We will of course endeavour to keep you informed should there be
any future alterations from the original quotation date.

Transfer of Ownership
All materials will remain the property of Legendary Landscapes Limited until full payment
of the final invoice is made by the client. When all invoices related to this project have been settled in full the client will be given a copy of the design of the garden
for future use.
However, any copyright or design rights in the garden design or part thereof remains the property of Legendary Landscapes Limited.

Daily progress meeting
• During the process of the contact we will endeavour to liaise with you daily regarding the progress made.
• It is important that someone who is authorised to make decisions regarding the contract is available. A mutually agreed time can be arranged.

• Materials and products may show some colour and/or texture differences therefore, Legendary Landscapes Ltd cannot guarantee supplied materials
are exact representations of any samples provided or any examples depicted in catalogues or suppliers’ websites.
• Please ensure any materials have been checked before they are installed.
• After construction is underway additional cost will be incurred to change or modify the product.
• If a particular variety (i.e. species or material) is not available a suitable substitute will be selected.
Aesthetics, structures and finishes
• Any structural or appearance of finished features is at the discretion of the Legendary Landscapes Ltd, unless agreed in writing by the customer prior to
the start of works
• It is important that any concerned about any aesthetics, structures or finishes are monitored and reported to Legendary Landscapes Ltd as soon as
possible at the progress meetings.
• If any concerns are brought to our attention promptly action can be taken to make any minor adjustments before that part of the project is fully
• Any major changes would require additional cost.

Waste Removal
• Waste removal price is estimated based on the initial viewing and scope of the project.
• Waste removal is charged by weight and therefore an approximation and subject to change.
• In the event Legendary Landscapes Ltd anticipates waste removal costs to exceed the cost allowed. Legendary Landscapes Ltd will dispose of waste up
to the value quoted. The customer has the option for Legendary Landscapes Ltd to remove remaining waste for an agreed additional charge or dispose
of the waste themselves.
• Unless specified, waste removal is not included in the quote and waste removal becomes the responsibility of the customer.
• In the event the waste removal is not agreed. Legendary Landscapes Ltd will bag up waste and leave it in a suitable and safe place. If the customer
requires waste to be put in a specific place (a trailer, garage or part of the garden etc) a request should be put in writing before work commences

Legendary Landscapes Ltd will advise the customer on maintenance of all works and materials to prolong the life of the materials/works for as long as possible.
After completion it becomes the customer’s responsibility to adhere to the advice given. Legendary Landscapes Ltd accepts no liability for damages to any works
incurred once we have left the site, except where damages have occurred due to bad workmanship.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they make reasonable previsions to ensure the longevity of the product.
This includes appropriate use of the product, maintenance, cleaning and protection of the products to comply with the terms under the below header of

Watering and maintenance of plants, trees and turf
All watering of plants, trees, shrubs and turf becomes the responsibility of the customer on completion.
Legendary Landscapes Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for their survival once the contract has been completed. With the expectation of perennial plants and
shrubs (item 1.1)

Legendary Landscapes Ltd cannot be held responsible for the fading of colours due to efflorescence which is a natural condition producing very small white
particles covering the surface of concrete products.
This condition is caused by having calcium hydroxide present as a soluble salt, which leaches to the surface and combines with carbon dioxide in the air to form
calcium carbonate (chalk).

Protecting against weather damage
In extreme changes of weather conditions, certain plants and materials such as: terracotta, some natural stone and other paving can be affected, suffering
damage if not protected.
The customer should take the necessary precautions to prevent damage as this is out Legendary Landscapes Ltd’s control.
Perennial plants and shrubs – 1yr

Legendary Landscapes Ltd does not guarantee plants and shrubs that have been damaged
• by under or over watering
• through acts of nature
• through vehicle or pedestrian traffic
• through acts of vandalism
• by being tampered with or damaged by any works by others
• by insects or disease
Turf will be laid to a standard that providing the turf is maintained by the customer will thrive.

Legendary Landscapes Ltd accept no responsibility for the following
• lack of watering/ over watering
• disease and insect infestations
• lack of maintenance
• Turf that has been damaged by foot traffic/ lack of light by covering or chemicals.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the health of the lawn after completion.
Landscaping materials and other products
Legendary Landscapes Ltd will advise on the length of the manufactures/merchants’ warranties which are variable.
In the event of a dispute with a 3rd party product
• The manufacturer/supplier will be contacted and an investigation will take place.
• The customers will need to allow the manufacturer/supplier and Legendary Landscapes Ltd to have access to the garden/site to assess the problem if
required and allow a reasonable time frame to make the necessary enquires.
We will aim to respond with an outcome within 14 days once we have all the relevant information.

Hard landscaping workmanship 5 years
On completion we guarantee our workmanship for 5 years providing the customer has made reasonable previsions to ensure the longevity of the product. This
includes appropriate maintenance, cleaning and protection of the products.

Repairs to wood products due to natural warping and splitting- 3 Months
• Wood is a natural product and is therefore susceptible to certain changes in an outdoor environment.
• Extremes of temperature or weather conditions will cause a reaction.
• Certain conditions may cause products to split, lose shape or warp. This is natural and in all but the most extreme cases, normal shape will be resumed.
Legendary Landscapes Ltd cannot be held responsible for the above taking place.
• Should any wooden structure such as fencing, gates or decking require attention due to such condition’s, adjustments may be chargeable after 3

Pointing- 1 year
• Pointing is guaranteed for 1 year providing the damage has not been cause by extremes of weather, ground movements, jet washing, chemical damage
or reasonable wear and tear.

• Damage by any activities or use which would be considered excessive of the integrity of the product.  For example, placing a pool or hot tub on
decking/patio without prior consultation and consideration in the product design to allow for these uses.
• Where lack of maintenance or repairs have compromised the integrity of the work. For example, failing to replace damaged pointing which causes
water to channel underneath the paving/patio compromising the integrity of the structure.
• Water discolouration or disfigurement
• Erosion, ground movements, subsidence which could not be anticipated prior and during commencement of the work.
• Vandalism and abuse of the products.
• Any works carried out on the product or within the immediate area which effects the integrity of the product by anyone other than Legendary
Landscapes Ltd.
• Any damage caused by chemicals other than those specifically recommended by the manufacturer.
• Any damage caused by recommended chemicals which have not been administered correctly.
• Any damage caused by acts of nature such as freak weather.
• Material changes, such as staining, discolouring, efflorescence, cracking, and chipping and changes in shape that may occur naturally on wood, natural
stone, concrete paving or brick after installation.
• Any wear and tear which would be normal for the age and uses of the product.
• Any damages, wear and tear and changes within the materials or the structure which are not due to poor workmanship.

Photography and videos
Legendary Landscapes Ltd reserves the right to take photographs and videos during the initial quotation and throughout all stages of the project. This is to ensure:
• We can provide an accurate quotation
• For quality and control
• For training
• For disputes and complaint resolution
Without photographs we cannot undertake any works.
No person and/or location will be identifiable.
Legendary Landscapes Ltd reserves the right to use some photographs and/or videos for advertising. If you do not consent to photographs and/or videos being
used for advertising purposes, please put your preferences in writing before the project commences.
How Legendary Landscapes Limited stores personal data
For information on how Legendary Landscapes Limited store and use client’s personal data please go to
Legendary Landscapes Limited provide a three month warranty to cover work and materials supplied by Legendary Landscapes Limited from the date of
Limitation on Liability
Legendary Landscapes Limited’s liability to the client is limited to the lower of the value of the client’s contract with Legendary Landscapes Limited and £10,000.