Creating A Backyard Oasis

This year has shown a huge increase in the amount of time spent at home under lockdown, and outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming the ideal home-from-home sanctuary to relax and unwind. 

Garden’s have the potential to create a serene wonderland, but it’s not always easy knowing where to start. A garden redesign can realise your dream space and careful placement of signature features ensures you create the right look and level of maintenance for your needs.

Trees and hedging – Choosing the right plants can transform your garden into the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of and there’s nothing more satisfying than watching foliage bloom over the years. Hedging provides a good framework for any outdoor space. It can act as low maintenance natural fencing, or well placed feature shrubbery, as well as being a haven for a range of local wildlife. Trees offer year-round benefits in any garden, providing blossom, fruits and a change of colour with the seasons, with varieties to suit all garden sizes.

Flowers, lawns and grasses – As well as having fantastic environmental benefits, floral elements add a wonderful touch to any garden, bringing colour, fragrance and table decorations on-tap. Combined with wild grasses or turfing, you can model your ideal space with a range of maintenance levels from easy-care to regular, loving upkeep.

Natural features – As well as foliage, a few carefully selected natural elements can transform your garden into a spectacular, peaceful area. Natural stone walls give you a solid surface or raised beds for planting, whereas water features encourage nature, creating a visual & audible oasis. Adding a fire pit is also a great way to add value to those cold nights and extend the use of your garden well into Autumn and early Spring. 

Regardless of taste or lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a contemporary, urban feel or traditional cottage garden, choosing the right design for your space makes all the difference. At Legendary Landscapes we work with the region’s best designers to construct your dream backyard oasis. If you’re interested in working with us please contact us with more details and we’ll get back to you with a quote.